BLUE Pre-welded Pie Cuts - 90* bend - Tight Radius

BLUE Pre-welded Pie Cuts - 90* bend - Tight Radius

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Are you looking for that cool Blue color for your Titanium project? If so these pre-welded 90* pie cuts will give you that look while saving you tons of time and headaches in getting the color right. These are heat treated to give a nice and uniform Blue color, and then Robotic Fuse welded for the very cool Titanium Blue look.

6pc of Blue colored Pie Cuts pre-welded for you to make a 90* bend! Welded AFTER coloring.

1.0mm thickness, 1D Bend Radius (Tight Radius)

*5" Material is 1.2mm thickness*

This will save you a lot of time and shielding gas for your project if you are looking for simple 90* bends, and well as tons more time if trying to achieve that BLUE look. Your time and shielding gas are valuable, save money with these pre-welded pieces.

These are done via a robotic fuse welding process, color is done prior to welding via heat treating as the Titanium material changes color.